Greek honey cake (halvah)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 cups Water
3 cups Sugar -- (granulated)
¼ cup Honey -- (flavorful)
1 \N Stick Cinnamon
½ \N Lemon

Make an "Attar"-type syrup of the above ingredients, reducing well (Squeeze the Lemon into the syrup (thru a strainer) and drop in the remainder)....

DO THIS FIRST.. Cook until it coats a spoon then reduce heat.... 1 C.

Butter, Unsalted: Melt in 4+-Qt.Saucepan, ovenproof 4 C. Semolina Flour ½ C. Almonds, blanched, preferably whole but Slivered are fine....

Melt Butter, add flour and Almonds and cook on HIGH as in making a Roux until Flour is Nutty-Brown (darker than the Almonds).... Remove from Heat... Add 2½ C. Attar Syrup, plus the Lemon and Cinnamon from the Attar to Semolina Mixture and return to High Heat... (NOTE: will boil VIOLENTLY: Be careful not to get syrup on you and not to let it Overboil..... Lift from heat as needed...)... When it starts to settle, stir the syrup into the Roux... Boil gently (on med-high) for 5-6 minutes When it has fully settled down, remove Saucepan to 350@F. oven... Bake for 7 (Seven) minutes... Remove Saucepan from oven and remove Lemon Half and Cinnamon Stick... Stir so that Almonds come to the surface.. Pour batter into Buttered 6-C. Ring Mold (or Bundt Pan)... Return to oven for 8 minutes or until Toothpick or other Cake Testor comes out clean.... Remove to rack to cool for 15 minutes... Invert onto plate and dust with powdered sugar... Slice and serve...

Recipe By : CyberHaute

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