Grandpa afton's duck

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Medium-size ducks
1 pounds Good mushrooms; whole or chopped (i use criminis)
1 medium Onion (i use a small yellow and then a pile of shallots instead)
4 larges Celery stalks; sliced
2 mediums Carrots; julienned
6 \N Fresh jalapenos; quartered or sliced (i use more =^))
4 \N Cloves garlic; split
1 can Cream of mushroom soup; see note
75 millilitres All-purpose flour (to further thicken)
\N \N Salt and pepper as needed

(note: this is just for binding and not really flavour. i sub with some cream, milk, a little chicken stock and some gumbo file or arrowroot to thicken--just make sure the volume is a bit more than ½ a litre) skin yer ducks. this recipe does not make use of the skins, assuming you went through the effort to retain the skin back when you harvested the duck in the first place. you may use the skin to procure a bit 'o duck fat to make a duck-stock or roux to replace the chicken stock.

cut up the breast/leg meat into bite-sized pieces. place all ingredients into a slow cooker and cook on the lowest setting for 8-10 hours. mix in the flour (you may make this into a paste instead to prevent clumping) and let sit for another ½ hour.

serve this over any form of rice, grain, or bean. a good hot relish or chutney goes well with this too. this recipe is a good base to work from.

add more ingredients to this as you like. i've added corn, potatoes (potatos, if you're in the quayle household <g>) and other veggies before.

another nice twist is the addition of good beer; just add it towards the end so the flavour doesn't completley cook off.

the product of your efforts will be thick, hot and HOT <grin>, and will have office-mates ruminating about your untimely demise when the lovely smell of the leftovers cookin' in the micro monday morning overtakes them! Posted to CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V4 #178 by "H. A. Kantrud" <halan@...> on Oct 30, 1997

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