General tso's chix

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
½ cup Cornstarch
3 pounds Chicken; (dark,deboned) Water
1¼ cup Dark Soy Sauce
1½ tablespoon Garlic; mince
1 \N Egg
½ cup Soy Sauce
1 tablespoon Ginger; chopped
1 cup Cornstarch
¼ cup Sherry
¼ cup White Vinegar
1 cup Salad Oil
2 cups Green onions, sliced
1½ cup Hot chicken broth
16 smalls Hot dried Peppers
¾ cup Sugar

Sauce: Mix cornstarch, and water. Add garlic, sugar, ginger, soy sauce, vinegar and sherry. Then add broth and stir until dissolved.

Refrigerate until needed. In separate bowl mix chicken, soy sauce, and pepper. Stir in egg. Add cornstarch until chicken is coated evenly. Add oil to help separate chicken pieces.

Divide chicken into small quantities and deep-fry @ 350 degrees until crispy and light brown. (do not over cook; watch temperature, stir fry or meat will toughen) Drain on paper towels. Place a small amount of oil in wok and heat til just hot. Add onions and peppers and stir-fry briefly. Stir sauce; add to wok and cook until sauce thickens. Add water or water/cornstarch if needed. Serve with rice.

This is from a *p* member and I apologize for not having their name on this. Pam Coombes. MM:MK VMXV03A.

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