General tso's chicken iv

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1½ pounds Chicken, skinned and boned
1 each Egg
1 cup Flour
¼ pounds Bamboo shoots
1 each Green pepper
1 each Red pepper
¼ cup Water
1 tablespoon Dark soy sauce
1 tablespoon Cornstarch
\N \N Vegetable oil (for deep frying)
2 eaches To 3 tablespoons vegetable oil (in addition to the above)
2 eaches Cloves garlic, minced
1 teaspoon Fresh ginger root, shredded
4 eaches To 5 black peppercorns
1 tablespoon White vinegar 1 tablespoon chinese cooking wine
1 teaspoon Chinese chili sauce
1 tablespoon Sugar

Cut the chicken into ¾ inch cubes. In a bowl, beat the egg. Dip the chicken pieces into the egg and then dip them to coat in the flour.

Set aside. Cut the bamboo shoots into ½ inch cubes. Seed the green and red peppers and cut them into small cubes. Set aside. In a small bowl, combine the water, soy sauce and cornstarch. Set aside. In a wok or deep-sided, heavy-bottomed sauce pan, heat enough vegetable oil to deep fry the chicken. Deep fry the chicken until golden brown, about 10 minutes. Remove from oil and drain on paper towel. Deep fry the peppers 10 seconds and remove. Heat the 2-3 tablespoons of oil in the wok. Add chicken, peppers, garlic and ginger. Then add the remaining ingredients including the bamboo shoots but not the water-soy-cornstarch mixture and cook 2-3 minutes. Add the water-soy-cornstarch mixture and simmer until sauce thickens.

Transfer to warmed dish and serve. Left Frizzell TO ALL Submitted By RICK WEAVER SUBJ I'VE LOST MY CASHEW CHICK On 10-11-95

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