Fried pies and pastry - part 2

Yield: 28 Servings

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Mix flour and salt. Cut in Crisco until fine. Add ice water. Mix well, forming a large ball. Make individual pie circles by breaking dough and rolling into 1-½" balls. Roll out to 6" circles (about ⅛" thick) on a floured board. Use more flour if necessary to prevent sticking. Refrigerate between layers of waxed paper overnight. Remove about 1 hour before filling. TO MAKE PIES-Flour a board and keep floured as you work. Place 2 tb filling on 1 side of dough circle. Fold dough popover fashion and seal edges with a floured fork. Prick pie twice with fork to vent steam when cooking. Fry at 350~ until golden brown, 1 side at a time or deep dry.

Freeze extras. Always assemble chilled dough and filling. If filling is warm, the dough will melt. TO FREEZE-Wrap pies in waxed paper and put in ziplock freezer bags. Remove at least 30 minutes before you plan to fry.

HAM AND CHEESE FILLING-Place ham, onions, pepper, garlic and parsley in heavy pot. Cook on medium heat until the moisture is cooked out of the ham, stirring occasionally. This takes about 45 minutes. When the ham is done, tilt the pot so the escess grease goes to 1 side. Remove grease. Continue cooking a while more. Refrigerate filling overnight. Just before putting the pies together, add the cheese, more or less to taste. (If you overload the cheese, you will end up with an air pocket in the pie when the cheese melts. *If your cheese is not really spicy (hot) you may want to add about ¼ cup chopped jalapeno pepper to the ham mixture while it is cooking.

Leftover filling can be frozen and used later. Makes filling for about 12 meat pies. MEAT PIE FILLING-Combine all ingredients in large pot. Tilt pot while cooking and remove excess grease. Cook about 45 minutes or until the moisture is gone. Chop meat to eliminate lumps. Cool before filling. Makes enough for about 12 meat pies. APPLE PIE FILLING-Put apples in heavy pot with all other ingredients. Cook until creamy or like thick syrup. Chill before adding to crust. The colder the better. Makes filling for about 4 or 5 apple pies. Source: The Morning Advocate, BRLA.

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