Emoticons ii

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N scuba mask, 8-) wears glasses, 8
\N \N getting fresh, [:|] User is a robot,
\N \N -tening to Walk-
\N \N man radio, 8:] Normal smiling face
\N is a gorilla, not faze me, @-) Person submitting
\N is Cyclops, and admire Mr. T,

>:-< Mad, :-^ Picasso, %-) is cross-eyed, #-) partied all night, @:I wears a Turban, |-O Birth, :-) Hee hee, |-D Ho ho, |-P Yuk, (:) -) User wearing Infinity, 8-| Suspense, 8-# Death, 8:-) Glasses on forehead, B-) Horn-rims, o-) User is a cyclops, P-) User is :-=) Older User lis

:-| no expression face

except that User that comment does ~:-) sporting a mohawk

:-\\ Popeye smiling face :~) face needs a nose for people who look job..no explanation like popeye, necessary, :n) User with funny look- :u) User with funny ing right nose, looking left nose, :-s, User after a BIZARRE <G> GRIN Submitted By AB255@... (PATRICIA C. EMPSON) On TUE, 28 NOV 1995 134204 -0500

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