Egg foo yung from doug

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
3 Eggs
¼ cup Bean sprouts
12 Salad shrimp
¼ Celery stock sliced
1 teaspoon Mushrooms
1 Chopped green onion
1 Clove garlic
2 teaspoons Oil
1 cup Chicken stock
1 teaspoon Kitchen bouquet
1 teaspoon Soy sauce
1 teaspoon Sugar
1 teaspoon Corn starch
2 teaspoons Water

Brown sauce: In small sauce pan combine chicken stock, kitchen bouquet, soy sauce, and sugar. Mix corn starch and water to make a paste and add. Beat eggs in small bowl. heat wok and add oil. After coating bottom of pan with oil and garlic add shrimp, bean sprouts, celery, green onions and mushrooms to pan. Cook 1 min, add egg over vegetables and cook like omelet. Submitted By JERRY HAVENS On 03-09-95

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