Deep-fried cellophane or rice noodles (ck)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N -Area of Influence: Fukien Serves/Makes: 6 cups
8 ounces Cellophane or rice noodles

oil for deep-frying

Break the noodles with the fingers, or cut them with scissors, into 1-2 inch pieces. Do NOT coak the noodles first. Into a deep fryer, electric skillet, wok, or any pot at least 3 inches deep, pour at least 1½ inches of oil. Heat the oil to at least 375øF--it should be hot but not yet smoking when the noodles are added. Test one noodle to make sure the oil is hot enough. The noodle should puff up immediately and turn from clear to white.

When the oil has reached the correct temperature, scatter a handful of noodles around the oil, being careful not to overcrowd. Remove the noodles as soon as they puff up. If they do not puff up immediately, they never will. Remove them, heat the oil again, and try another batch. Drain the fried noodles well on paper towels. Store the cooled noodles in heavy plastic bags at room temperature for a week, or freeze them.

From: Chinese Kosher Cooking Betty S. Goldberg Jonathan David Publishers, Inc., 1989

Entered by: Lawrence Kellie

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