Crumpets anyone? info

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient

From Womans Day Encyclopedia of Cooking, Vol IV pg 520 CRUMPET--A small, patty-cake-shape, unsweetened, leavened bread made of flour, milk, butter, salt, yeast, and egg. The word comes from the Middle Eng- lish word for "wafer." Crumpet dough is stiff but can be spoon-beaten and spoon- dropped for shaping. Crumpets are cooked twice, first on a griddle until well risen and browned on both sides; then they are split and toasted to complete the cooking. They are served hot with butter and jam. The British dote on them for tea and, when away from home, they wax soulful at the thought of fresh, hot buttered crumpets eaten before an open fire. Although they are similar to their English-muffin cousins, crumpets are softer in texture with surface holes appearing during the pan cooking; these holes enable them to absorb great quantities of butter.

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