Crepes - sweetcorn mushroom filling /cheese sauce [d]

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 tablespoons Low-fat spread
3 cups Mushrooms, sliced.
300 grams Sweetcorn, canned, drained.
\N \N ===CHEESE SAUCE============
2 tablespoons Low-fat spread
¼ cup Flour
1⅓ cup Milk, skimmed
\N \N Salt
\N \N Black pepper, freshly ground.
¼ cup Cheese, cheddar, low-fat, grated.
\N \N Salt
\N \N Black pepper, freshly ground.
\N \N ===DIETARY=================
30 grams CHO,
540 \N Kcalories

Melt the low-fat spread in a pan, lightly saut=82 the mushrooms.

Meanwhile, make the cheese sauce. Melt the low-fat spread in a pan, stir in the flour and cook for 1 minute. Then lower the heat and gradually add the milk, stirring all the time. Bring the sauce to a boil and stir quickly until the sauce thickens. Add the cheese and stir until has melted, then add the mushrooms and sweetcorn. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Fill the pancakes with the ratatouille- putting 2-3 tbs of it in the middle of each pancake- then roll them up and put them in an ovenproof dish.

Sprinkle the cheese over them and bake for 10 minutes ay 350^F/180^C.

from RECIPES FOR HEALTH - DIABETES by AZMINA GOVINDJI & JILL MEYERS pub. in assoc. with BRITISH DIABETIC ASSOCIATION typed by KEVIN JCJD SYMONS Posted to MM-Recipes Digest by "Rfm" <Robert-Miles@...> on Nov 08, 98

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