Coquille st jacques

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 Sea Scallops
½ ounce Clarified butter
½ teaspoon Shallots; minced
½ ounce Button mushrooms; sliced
½ ounce White wine
1 ounce Fish veloute
½ teaspoon Fine herbs
1 ounce Glacage
6 ounces Duchess Potato
1 Fluted mushroom; garnish
1 Shrimp; peel, butterfly

1. Sear each scallop on all sides & keep warm. Also Saut the shrimp and reserve.

2. Saut mushrooms in butter, add shallots.

3. add wine.

4. add velout and simmer until thickened.

5. add herbs.

6. Pipe out duchess potato in center of plate in 3 rosettes.

7. place scallops on plate next to potato.

8. apply Glacag on scallops and lightly brown under broiler.

9. Garnish plate with fluted mushroom and Shrimp.

Glacag is equal parts hollandaise, velout , and unsweetened whipped cream folded gently together.

NOTES : This recipe is for 1 person, simply multiply by number of guests to determine items needed.

Recipe by: S.C.I. - Jamie

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