Cockle pie(welsh)

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
4 slices bacon

1 qt cockles 2 c milk 1 c water pepper 1 bunch Spring onions short-crust pastry PASTAI RYTHON Rernove the cockles from their shells as in cockle cakes. Line the sides of a pie-dish with the short- crust pastry.

Cover the bottom of a dish with the cockles. Clean and chop up the onions. Sprinkle overthe cockles. Then add a layer of finely-chopped bacon. Repeat, ending with a layer of cockles. Pour in the liquid in which the cockles were boiled. Add pepper to taste. Use strips of pastry to criss- cross the top, brush with milk and cook for 20-25 minuies in a hot oven (425/F. or Mark 7).

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