Clear ornaments

Yield: 1 Ball

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Ornaments, transparent glass ball-shaped; clear or colored
\N \N Mixture of detergent & water
\N \N Bleach
\N \N Sparkly paper, potpourri, confetti, etc.
\N \N Ribbon
\N \N Acetate sheet .005
\N \N Pen or pencil
\N \N One or more photographs
\N \N Color laser copy of photos
\N \N Glue stick
\N \N Design or picture to trace
\N \N Paint pens or permanent markers



As the holidays draw near, Carol Duvall offers an easy and inexpensive way to make a variety of exquisite glass tree ornaments. Carol's inspiration came from a viewer who had gotten married close to Christmas, and had given her guests clear ornaments that displayed the newlyweds' names and wedding date on the surface, and had red sparkles within. Taking this suggestion one step further, Carol places sparkles, seasonal pictures, and festive designs inside these transparent balls. The ornament she creates in this segment contains a picture of a snowman, with flakes of snow (drawn on the acetate and and on the surface of the ball) falling all around him.

Caution: Be sure to wear protective goggles and gloves while working with bleach.

Steps: 1. If you are using a colored Christmas ball, put it in a bowl of detergent and water to clean off the surface color.

2. Clean out the inside of the ball: Remove the top metal cap, pour in a small amount of bleach, and insert a small piece of fabric. Replace the top and shake the ball to allow the bleach and fabric to come into contact with the entire interior. Pour out the bleach, remove the fabric, and rinse out the ball.

3. Once the ball is clear and clean, insert paper sparkles, potpourri, popcorn, confetti, or any other small decorative objects.

4. If desired, tie a ribbon around the outside.

Follow Steps 5 through 8 if you are adding a picture.

5. On the acetate, draw and cut out a circle that is large enough to stand up inside the ball, but do not insert it at this point.

6. A design may be added by one of the following methods: Using paint pens or permanent markers, trace a drawing on the acetate; OR find one or more original photographs and have a color laser copy made of each.

7. If you have selected a photograph, use the glue stick to attach a copy to each side of the acetate or use different photographs on opposite sides.

8. Remove the metal cap from the ball. Roll the acetate/picture around a pencil or ball-point pen and slide it into the ball, then remove the pen or pencil. To straighten the picture, nudge it into place with a chopstick or other slender instrument.

HGTV - The Carol Duvall Show

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