Chris' popular chocolate mousse

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
350 milligrams Package Semi-Sweet Choco
\N \N Chips
1 pack Chocolate Wafers
6 \N Eggs (4 split, 2 whole)
\N \N (Optional)Some form of
\N \N Alcohol The original recipe
\N \N Said Rhum. My
\N \N Favorite is an orange liquer
\N \N Such as Cointreau, or Grand
\N \N Marnier )
500 millilitres Whipping Cream
¼ cup Margerine/butter
\N \N SpringForm Pan
\N \N Fridge

THE CRUST Crush the wafers, preserving a few for garnish. I use a meat grinder, other options vary from rolling pin-dsh towel, to blender.

Melt butter/margerine, and mix in the wafer crumbs. Pack into bottom of spring form pan.

THE MOUSSE Melt chocolate. (I use a microwave. Another option is to use a double boiler, or a single sauce pan.) Be careful to let it just melt, since you are adding eggs, which will because cooked if the Chocolate is too hot.

Separate eggs. I personally get caught up in the Thrill and Challenge of separating, so end up separating all 6, only 4 are necessary.) Put egg white separately, to be whipped.

If chocolate is still melting, can beat egg whites until foamy, and stiff. (Form peaks when you pull the beaters out.) Stir in the egg yolks, and remaining whole eggs.

Add the alcohol, if desired.

Fold in the beaten egg whites. If not beated, Beat Them! Whip the whipping cream, until stiff. The recipe I was given cautioned that there was no sugar, so be careful that the transition from flacid to butter was very sudden. I recently realised a solution: Put sugar in, no one will notice or care.

Fold the whipped cream into the mixture.

Dump (I would say pour, but it really is quite sluggish by now.) this mixture into the springform pan, on top of the crust.

Put in fridge, and chill for about 6 hours, though it might be ready before that.


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