Chicken laredo

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
3 pounds Chicken; cut up
\N \N <<<OR>>>
\N \N Chicken breast
½ teaspoon Garlic powder
3 tablespoons Margarine
½ cup Onion; chopped
1 cup Seedless raisins
½ cup Sliced pimento-stuffed
\N \N Olives
½ teaspoon Cinnamon
1 can Chicken stock


Dry Chicken pieces and sprinkle with garlic powder. In large skillet, saute chicken and onions in butter until browned. Reduce heat.

Sprinkle raisins, olives, and cinnamon over chicken. Then pour stock over chicken. Cover and cook for 25 or 30 minutes. Serve with rice, if desired. This is the winner of a Chicken Reader Recipe Contest submitted by Linda Carter of Wortham, Ms. Carter says of the recipe, "I've been making this since 1966 and our family love it. I've passed this recipe on to many friends. Their first question is 'olives, cinnamon, and raisins?' but when they taste it, it's a wonderful surprise." Source: Reader Recipe Contest, Texas Co-op Power P. O. Box 9589 Austin, Tx 78766

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