Caraway rye crackers

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Rye flour
¾ cup All purpose flour
2 teaspoons Caraway seed
1 teaspoon Sugar
¾ Baking soda
½ teaspoon Garlic salt
¼ teaspoon Onion salt
⅓ cup Oil
4 teaspoons Ice water; (up to 5)

Recipe By : The Flavor Makers Cook Book Preheat oven 350F. Mix rye flour, all purpose flour, caraway seed, sugar, baking soda, garlic salt and onion salt in medium mixing bowl. Add oil.

Stir with fork until moistened. Sprinkle with water, 1 tbspoon at a time, stirring until mixture forms a ball.

Divide dough in half. Place one half between 2 large sheets waxed paper.

Roll dough 1/16 inch thick. Remove top sheet waxed paper. Cut dough into 1 1/2inch shapes. Repet with remaining dough. Place crackers on ungreased baking sheet. Prick each cracker 2 or 3 times with a fork. Bake at 350 F, 10 to 15 min, or until crisp and golden brown. Remove to wire rack.

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