Canning loquats

Yield: 1 batch

Measure Ingredient
1 Batch loquats
2 cups Sugar per quart liquid*


*Will yield 5 cups.

Make light syrup.

Wash and drain firm, ripe fruit. Remove stem and blossom ends; cut in half and remove seeds. Cook 3 to 5 minutes in syrup.

Pack hot into hot jars, leaving ½" head space. Cover with boiling syrup, leaving ½" head space. Remove air bubbles. Adjust caps.

Process pints 15 minutes, quarts 20 minutes in boiling water bath.

From _Ball Blue Book: The Guide to Home Canning and Freezing_, Edition 32. Muncie, IN: Ball Corporation/Consumer Products Division/Consumer Affairs/345 S. High St./Muncie, IN 47305-2326, 1989. Pg. 17. Electronic format by Cathy Harned.

Submitted By CATHY HARNED On 06-25-95

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