Buckwheat noodle stir-fry

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
12 ounces Soba-Japenese buckwheat noodles
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon Soy sauce -low salt type
1 tablespoon Sherry
2 tablespoons Vegetable oil, divided
3 \N Scallions, thinly sliced
3 \N Cloves garlic, minced, 1 Tb or more if you like garlic like I do:-)
1 \N Red sweet pepper, cut in thin strips
5 cups Shredded cabbage
1 cup Cooked chicken, beef, or pork, cut in shreds
½ cup Broth (any type)
1 teaspoon Hot pepper oil, or to taste

This recipe is from Jane Brody's Good Food Book. It is delicious and not hard to make and is low fat. I have no way of calculating the fat so if someone wants to figure this out I would appreciate it.

Serves 4-this recipe also can be doubled, tripled or quadrupled with excellent results if you have having company. I multiply everything by 4 with good luck.

Buckwheat noodles have a wonderful flavor and texture, quite a different pasta experience. They are about $2 for a 12 oz package but worth the higher cost in terms of taste and nutrients. Find at Oriental Matkerts or natural food stores. You can make your own hot pepper oil by slowly cooking several dried chili peppers in sesame oil, when they blacken, remove and discard them.

1. In a large kettle of boiling water, add salt if desired, cook noodles for 3 minutes or until al dente, and drain.

2. In small bowl, combine Worc., soy and sherry and set mixture aside.

3. In a wok or large skillet, heat 1 Tb of the oil and stir-fry the scallions, garlic, and red pepper for 1 minute. Add cabbage, and stir fry for another minute. Add chicken or meat and stir fry the vegatbles a minute longer. Transfer to a bowl.

4. Heat the remaining tablespoon of oil in wok or skillet over high heat, and add the noodles, let them brown for about 2 minutes. Reduce heat and add the broth, stir to combine well.

5. Add veggies and Worc, soy sauce mixture to the noodles and toss the ingredients well. Heat the stir-fry for about 1 minute, sprinkling with hot pepper oil just before serving. Note***I substitute 1 cup of broccoli and zuchinni for the chicken and meat.

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