Boots ginger beer plant

Yield: 1 Gallon

Measure Ingredient
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1)boil 570ml water, cool to under 25C and pour into basin 2)Stir in contents of paper packet and all three sachets. Cover the basin and leave in a warm place 21-24C 3)Check daily for next ten days, stirring in 1 tsp ground ginger each day 4)The ginger beer has finished fermenting when bubbles no longer rise to the surface.

5)pour contents of the basin into a clean larger container and make up to 4½ litres with cold water. Stir well 6)Place ½ level tsp sugar into clean pint bottles 7)strain the mix and fill bottles to within 1 inch of top. Seal and store in a warm place for 2-3 days, then move to a cool place for at least a further 4 days. DRINK AS SOON AS READY 8)when ready to drink, if required add, artificial sweetener to taste. 9)The ginger beer can be restarted by adding 200g sugar and 570ml water to the strained sediment. Continue from 3

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