Baked chicken, microwave

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Chicken breast

Baked Chicken (Microwave)

lemon juice garlic powder onion powder salt pepper basil or tarragon or dill Worcestershire sauce

Place chicken on a plate. Sprinkle bottom with lemon juice, garlic powder,onion powder, salt, pepper, crumbled basil or tarragon or dill, and Worcestershire. Turn and do the same on the top. Cover with plastic wrap, leaving one side unsealed for venting. Microcook on high 3 minutes.

If you're doing more than one piece of chicken, make sure you arrange the pieces of chicken on the plate so the meatier portions are toward the outside of the plate. Add time a little at a time until you get the hang of how long it'll take you to cook the quantity of chicken you're preparing.

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