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NEW MEXICO: Sangre de Cristo, Llano Estacado, Alamogaro, Jornada del Muerto, Santa Fe, old when Plymouth was young, Taos pueblo, ancient when Santa Fe was born. Irrigation grees this enchanted square, but nature hewed the mesas and the canyons and fashioned the Caverns of Carlsbad. As an old Spanish saying goes: "tomorrow is the flower of its yesterdays."

NEW YORK: Lake Tear-of-the-Clouds, where rises the lordly Hudson, an Island called Manhattan, topped by towers of fashion and finance, of peace and creation. Adirondacks and Catskills, timbered and free, Niagara of thunder, Finger Lakes touched by ivied halls, ad island long to Montauk. Seat of Empire, where no royalty reigns, for MIss Liberty welcomes all to the world. NORTH CAROLINA: Hatteras and Fear, capes of dread on sands of joy. Westward the Great Smokies, crowned in haze, alive in ballads and fingertip arts. Rhododendrons and dogwood glorify the spring, tobacco leaves turn golden in curls of smoke. Here Roanoke Island lost a colony, Thomas Wolfe looked forever homeward, Kitty Hawk set earth-bound men to soaring the in the clouds. NORTH DAKOTA: It's durum wheat makes macaroni but its bonanza is spring wheat. Canada and the United States join hands across the border in International Peace Garden, by the Turtle Mountains where the 13 striped flickertail squirrel scampers and wild birds sing. Man made Garrison Lake holds sweet Missouri water, glacier formed Devils Lake is laden with salt. OHIO: Maker of flass, creator of pottery, forger of steel, molder of tires, edged by the meanderings of La Belle Riviere and the vastness of Lake Erie. Place of mound builders, welcomers of Johnny Appleseed, spawner of Presidents, home of McGuffeys' "Readers" and Harace Mann. Market place, factories, fertile fields, Indians had the proper word for 'great'; Ohio. OKLAHOMA: Indian forever, in beginnings, in name, in spirit, even if homesteaders came 'sooner' than expected. Cattle browse its ranges, hardwoods top its Ozarks, and pines hide the Ouachita. Corn, if not "as high as an elephant's eye," is tall. Wide rivers quench soil's thirst, but humans are sustained in oil. Indian names, great open fields, gushing wells, plenty to share. OREGON: Trails' end for wagon trains, lifes beginning for spawing salmon struggling past Bonneville, Crater Lake, unbelievably blue in volcano bed, Klamath and Multnomah, falls of tumbling grace, Willamette, valley of lushness. Soaking autumn "mist" to raise its forests, Mount Hood to stand in snow-tiaraed majesty and a sea carved coast to take the breath away. PENNSYLVANIA: Cradle of Liberty, bed of coal, City of Brotherly Love, Hearth of the Nation. Midpoint of the 13 colonies, Keystone of steel and coal. Laurel in the Poconos, hex sign and shoofly pie in Dutch country, misery at Valley Forge, triumph at Gettysburg, flaming power at Pittsburgh. Penn's woods of grean, moutnains name Blue, iron fist firm in a glove of velvet. RHODE ISLAND: Smalles of all, facing th esea, here Roger Willimas, in Providence, set men free. Block Island, to foretell trouble from wind, Point Judith on land, Prudence and Patience, isles at bay.

Newport proud on a cliff, its many mansioned miles a disdainer of breakers, a sustainer of wealth. Narragansett yachts, catching offshore gusts for Bermuda. SOUTH CAROLINA: At Charleston, it's said, "the Ashly and the Cooper meet to form the Atlantic," and stately gardens augment white pillared home. Upcountry, Caesar's Head can wear a cap of snow, but ice is a stranger to the Pee Dee and the Wee Tee Lake. Cotton, wood pulp and bright-leaf mean weath, wild rice, sweet jasmine and mockingbird mean boon for the soul. Origin: Women's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery, Volume 1. Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Oct/94.

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