All about chocolate - different types

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Which all other products are made. It's pure \"chocolate liquor\" molded
\N \N Into 1 ounce blocks which are packed eight to a carton. Used for all
\N \N Kinds of baking.
\N \N SEMISWEET CHOCOLATE is unsweetened chocolate blended with sugar,

additional cocoa butter and flavorings. It's also molded into 1 ounce blocks and packed eight to a carton. Used in baking, too. SEMISWEET CHOCOLATE PIECES, also called bits or chips, are a blend of unsweetened chocolate, cugar and cocoa butter, specially formulate to hold their shape softly when baked. SWEET COOKING CHOCOLATE is similar to semisweet chocolate, but it contains a higher proportion of sugar. Packaged in 4 ounce bars and used in baking. Also called German sweet chocolate, LIQUID OR PREMELTED BAKING CHOCOLATE is an unsweetened liquid product with a cocoa base packaged in 1 ounce packets. It is used in place of melted unsweetened chocolate in baking. MILK CHOCOLATE is sweet chocolate with milk added and comes in the familiar candy bar. CHOCOLATE SYRUP is a combination of cocoa, sugar, corn syrup and flavoring. It is used in baking, beverages and as an ice cream topping. Available in 5-½ and 16 ounce cans. MILK CHOCOLATE FUDGE TOPPING is like chocolate syrup, but has added milk, cream or butter. It is used only as a dessert topping. BAKING COCOA is unsweetened chocolate with varying amounts of cocoa butter removed. Regular cocoa contains about 16% cocoa butter. Dutch processed cocoa with about the same cocoa butter content has been treated with an alkali and has a stronger flavor and darker color.

It's used in baking and making beverages. INSTANT COCOA is a blend of cocoa, sugar and other flavorings. It is used in beverages because it dissolves quickly. This should not be used in a recipe that requires baking cocoa unless the recipe specifies "instant cocoa".

CHOCOLATE SUBSTITUTES, such as chocolate flavored chips, do not contain chocolate liquor. They have a cocoa base to which vegetable fats are added. So even though they are flavored to taste like chocolate, they technically are not. WHITE CHOCOLATE - this is called "the chocolate that isn't". The cacao mass which gives chocolate it's distinctive brown color and deep flavor does not go into white chocolate. Because of the absence of chocolate liquor, it doesn't meet the United States Food and Drug Administration standards for chocolate manufacture. It may be made with vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter and tinted with vegetable coloring and it contains added flavors. Origin: Farm Journal's Choice Chocolate Recipes Shared by: Sharon Stevens

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