A curry pantry 4

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\N \N A World of Curries
\N \N by Dave DeWitt and Arthur J. Pais
\N \N ISBN 0-316-18224-9

Saffron (crocus sativus) The dried stigmas of a variety of crocus flower, used in Moghlai curries. Regarded as the most expensive spice in the world, it is available whole, powdered, or in liquid essense form.

Salam (eugenia polyanza) A laurel leaf that dries to a very dark color, almost black; used in Malaysian curries. It is not a bay leaf, but bay leaves may be substituted for it.

Screw pine (pandanus odoratissimus) Also known as pandan. Leaves that are used to flavor rice in Indian and Malaysia. Availsble in leaf form or essence in some Asian markets.

Sesame seeds (sesamum indicum) The seed of an annual herb indigenous to Indonesia; an occasional ingredient in Indonesian and Malaysian curries.

Shallots (allium ascalonicum) This onionlike bulb is an ingredient in Malaysian, Thai, and Singaporean curries and curry pastes.

Shrimp paste Called hei-ko in Chinese and petis in Malaysia, this paste combines shrimp andsalt, which are allowed to ferment. It is milder than prawn paste and is an ingredient in some commercial Thai curry pastes.

Shrimp powder Dried powdered shrimp; available in Asian markets.

Silver foil A bright, edible foil used in some Indian curries; available in Asian markets.

Tamarind (tamarindus indica) The five-inch pods of this tree contain seeds and a sour pulp. The pulp and seeds can be rehydrated in warm water and then strained. Tamarind can also be found in specialty markets in a variety of forms; pastes, concentrates of pulp, and whole pods dried into bricks or ground into powders. Lemon or lime juice can be substituted for tamarind as a last resort.

Turmeric (curcuma longa) The yellow rhizome of a relative of ginger; one of the most common ingredients in curries, curry powders, and curries pastes around the world.

Yogurt Fermented and coagulate milk; an occasional ingredient in South African curries but used more frequently in northern Indian curries.

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