White bean & tomato dip

Yield: 24 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N 1 clove garlic
\N 6 pieces sun-dried tomatoes --

14 oz great Northern beans, cooked : drained and rinsed

¼ c fresh lemon juice

2 TB bread crumbs -- dried

2 TB chopped almonds -- toasted ½ ts dried basil

⅛ ts ground red pepper -- to

: taste

: chopped

To make 1-½ cups of dip: Process beans, lemon juice, bread crumbs, almonds, garlic, basil and pepper in a food processor until smooth.

Stir in tomatoes. Cover and chill until ready to serve. (At least 1 hour.)

Per tablespoon

44 calories, 0.7 g fat (14%) 0 mg Cholesterol, 9 mg Sodium, 1⅗ g dietary fiber Cook's quick tip ^ To toast almonds, place them in a small nonstick skillet and cover over medium-low heat, shaking the skillet occasionally, until they're golden, about 5 minutes. ^ A drop of hot-pepper sauce (like Tabasco) may replace the ground red pepper.

(c) 1996 Rodale Press Prevention's (Quarterly) Guide to Low-Fat, High Flavor Cooking. [mc-recipe: patH 23 Sep 96] Recipe By : Quick & Healthy, Fall 1996 From: Date:

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