Tuscan flatbread

Yield: 12 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 tablespoon Sugar
1 tablespoon Active dry yeast
1½ cup Water, lukewarm
4½ cup All-purpose flour
2 teaspoons Kosher salt
2 tablespoons Olive oil
2 tablespoons Fresh herbs, chopped (cook's choice)

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Combine sugar, yeast and water. Stir to dissolve the yeast. Mix in the flour, a little at a time.

Mix in the salt and then knead on a lightly floured surface until smooth.

Let rise in a warm area, until doubled in size.

Oil a sheet pan, punch down the dough, and spread evenly on the pan. Brush the top of the dough with the olive oil and allow to rise until doubled in size.

Sprinkle on additional Kosher salt. (to taste) Bake at 400 degree F for 10 minutes, then top with the chopped herbs.

Continue to bake until golden brown.

Note: Though not to my taste, this was covered with caramelized onions instead of herbs when it was served.

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