Tortilla espanola 2

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Yellow onions
4 \N Thin-skinned potatoes
\N \N Olive oil
6 \N Eggs

Chop the onions and potatoes into ¼" cubes. Pour enough olive oil into a 8" or 10" cast iron skillet to just coat the bottom. Heat over a low flame.

Test the oil by dropping in a bit of onion. If it sizzles, add the rest of the onions and potatoes.

Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk together until the white and yolk are thoroughly mixed. When the potatoes and onions are golden, pour the egg mixture over them. Avoid the temptation to scramble! Let the tortilla cook until the edges and the top are no longer liquid.

There are two ways to finish your tortilla. Traditionally, you would loosen the tortilla from the skillet by running a knife blade along its edge.

Place a plate face down on top of the skillet. Carefully flip the tortilla out of the skillet. Then slide the tortilla, uncooked side down, into the skillet and cook for three-to-five more minutes. If you don't feel dexterous enough for the traditional method, you can run the tortilla under a broiler for three-to-five minutes.

Tortilla is a versatile dish. It can be served straight off the stove, room temperature, or cold. Though it is traditionally served as a tapa, or snack, when served with a salad and crusty bread it makes a fine light supper.

You can also vary the taste by adding ingredients to the basic potato and onion mixture. Chopped greens, such as chard or kale, work well. Whatever you choose to use, stir it into the potatoes and onions before you add the eggs. Otherwise, the tortilla won't set properly.

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