Tom's tofu loaf

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 packs Azumaya (sp?) firm tofu; rinsed; drained and finely mashed
2 \N Eggs; lightly beaten (or equivalent in egg substitute)
1 can (6-oz) El Pato sauce (up to)
6 \N Cloves garlic; peeled and finely minced
2 teaspoons Finely shredded chile del Arbol; N.M. Barker, or other
1 teaspoon Salt
4 ounces Mozzarella cheese; shredded
8 ounces Sharp Cheddar cheese; shredded
1 teaspoon Cumin seeds; shredded in blender (optional)

1. In a large bowl, combine the well drained tofu and the cheeses. Mix thoroughly.

2. Combine the eggs, El Pato, garlic, chile, salt and cumin if used. Mix well and let stand 30 minutes to blend flavors. Add this mixture to the cheese/tofu combo and mix _thoroughly_.

3. Turn the combined mixture into an ungreased, standard meatloaf baking dish. Microwave on high 24 minutes, rotating the dish halfway through.

(Note: this is for a medium microwave oven - I don't have a time and temperature setting for a conventional oven, but I'm sure some cooking sharpie out there could convert it for us).

4. Remove and cover with aluminum foil. Let stand 30 minutes before serving. This loaf is so versatile it goes well at breakfast, lunch and dinner! I personally refrigerate it and use it for breakfast - a 1¼" thick slice needs about 3 ½ minutes in the microwave to re-heat. Goes great with Bufalo jalapeno, Tapatio or any good sauce or salsa. Note: This recipe is for terminal chile-heads - it's both very fiery and very garlicky. If you don't like things really hot, reduce the shredded chiles or use a very mild chile and increase heat with subsequent loaves. Also, Mario makes a good suggestion in using ½ El Pato and ½ regular tomato sauce to reduce heat. (For me, that's an unspeakable desecration!) Tom.McDonald@... (Tom McDonald) CHILE-HEADS ARCHIVES

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