The omelette

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2.00 large Eggs -; (to 3 eggs)
1.00 tablespoon Minced dill; chives or basil, (optional)
3.00 tablespoon Grated cheese like Swiss; Parmesan or
\N \N Cheddar
\N \N (or other filling like smoked salmon and
\N \N Ricotta cheese; Prosciutto and black
\N \N Olives)
1.00 tablespoon Unsalted butter
\N \N Salt; to taste
\N \N Freshly-ground black pepper; to taste

Beat the eggs with a fork; season with a pinch of salt and pepper add any fresh herbs you would like to include. Melt the butter in an omelet pan or a nonstick 7-inch pan with sloping sides. Tilt the pan from side to side to coat the bottom with melted butter. When butter is about to turn brown, add the eggs to the skillet. Over high heat, stir the eggs with your right hand while you shake the pan back and forth, up and down, with your left hand. When the underside of the omelet begins to set, tilt the pan, after you lift the edge of omelet, so that any uncooked egg from the top will run under the cooked egg and set. Run a line of the grated cheese down the middle of the omelet. Fold the right top or side third of the omelet towards the center, then roll it over onto other third. Grab the handle of the omelet pan with your right hand, and roll the omelette onto a plate. This recipe yields 1 serving.

Recipe Source: COOKING MONDAY TO FRIDAY with Michele Urvater From the TV FOOD NETWORK - (Show # MF-6616 broadcast 12-16-1997) Downloaded from their Web-Site -

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Recipe by: Michele Urvater

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