Thai quail

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Part boned quail
\N \N Soy sauce
\N \N Ginger
\N \N Salad leaves
\N \N Cress
\N \N Chives
\N \N Shallots
\N \N Mustard cress
\N \N Julienne leaves
\N \N Hazelnut oil
\N \N Sherry vinegar
\N \N Quails' eggs
\N \N Chicken stock; (optional)

Marinate slices of part boned quail in soy sauce (thick and sweet soy sauce) with ginger for 2-3 hours.

Saut‚ the quail until the marinade is caramelised.

Mix together a selection of salad leaves including cress, chives, shallots, mustard cress and fried julienne leaves. Season with hazelnut oil, sherry vinegar and soy sauce until the leaves are moist.

Display salad and cooked quail on a serving plate. Fry a quails' egg in a frying pan and place on top of the meat.

Chicken stock: Pour chicken stock over the meat. You can make your own by roasting chicken bones until brown and boiling in water with curry paste and white wine.

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