Terrine de canard aux poivrons

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N 4 lb. duck
4 ounces Cognac
½ pounds Ground veal
½ pounds Lean pork
½ pounds Pork fat
\N \N Salt and pepper
2 tablespoons Green peppercorns
½ teaspoon Thyme
1 tablespoon Chopped parsley
1 \N Egg
2 \N Or
3 \N Bay leaves
¼ pounds Marinated mushrooms (see recipe)
\N \N Cornichons
\N \N Cold vegetables

To prepare duck and remove the skin intact, turn the duck with its back up.

Make an incision down the back and gently pull the skin away down to the breast on each side. Cut the skin off the wing at the first joint and do the same at the leg. Pull the skin inside out at the leg and wing, liberating as much as possible with a small sharp knife. When skin is removed, sprinkle it with a little of the cognac and reserve. Remove all meat from duck, reserving liver. Grind meat with other meats, seasonings, egg, and cognac. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest overnight. Sprinkle duck liver with cognac and reserve as well. The next day, saute a sample of the meat and correct seasonings. Line a 1-½ quart terrine mold, with cover, with the duck skin. Place a layer of half the meat in the bottom.

Lay the liver on top. Fill terrine with remaining meat. Place bay leaves on top and fold the skin over to cover. Seal with 2 layers of foil. Place in a bain-marie, filled ⅔ of the way to the top of terrine with boiling water. Bake in 325 oven for 1-½ hours or until a metal skewer inserted in the center for one minute is burning hot when touched to the skin. Pour off accumulated fat, weight with a brick, and refrigerate overnight or for several days. Prepare Marinated Mushrooms. (SEE RECIPE) To unmold, dip the mold in hot water and invert. Slice and serve garnished with cornichons, vegetables, and Marinated Mushrooms. Serve with a crock of good mustard & crusty bread. Time includes refrigeration.




From the <Micro Cookbook Collection of French Recipes>. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive, .

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