Tempeh fajita pita

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 pounds Tempeh
1 cup Red onion; julienne
1 cup Mushrooms; sliced
1 cup Green bell pepper; julienne
4 Roma tomatoes; sliced lengthwise
3 tablespoons Cilantro; chopped
¼ cup Red wine vinegar
1⅓ tablespoon Garlic; minced
1⅓ tablespoon Orange juice concentrate
½ cup Tamari
⅓ teaspoon Sea salt; or to taste
3 teaspoons Black pepper
4 Pita pockets; split in half
1⅓ tablespoon Olive oil
1 cup Sunflower sprouts
½ cup Water

DESERT GREENS CAFE RECIPES By Executive Chef Matt Baer Permission is granted to reprint this information, as long as credit is given to the Indiana Soybean Development Council

Prepare tempeh first by marinating with cilantro, vinegar, tamari, orange juice concentrate, garlic, salt, black pepper, olive oil and water for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, slice the mushrooms, red onions and green peppers, and make a nice macedoine (mixture). Leave the tomatoes out. Remove tempeh from the marinade; slice lengthwise about ¼-inch thick and put back in marinade. Layer tempeh out on a sheet pan with parchment paper and bake in a convection oven at 300 degrees for 15 minutes, then flip strips and cook for additional 10 minutes (or cook in a conventional oven at 350 degree for 15 minutes for each side). Remove the pan from the oven and let tempeh cool.

Serves 8 Nutrition information per serving: 320 calories, 3 grams saturated fat, 9 grams total fat (28% of calories), 16 grams protein (21% of calories), 38 grams carbohydrates (51% of calories), 8 mg cholesterol, 3 grams fiber, 1,109 mg sodium. Posted to Digest eat-lf.v097.n207 by KitPATh <phannema@...> on Aug 16, 1997

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