Stuffed butternut pumpkin

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Butternut pumpkin

Cut pumpkin in half lengthwise amd remove the seeds and stuff in the middle., and cook in the microwave until almost soft. Then scoop out enough of the pumpkin flesh to make a good big hole for stuffing. While the pumpkin is cooking I peel and dice a few potatoes, chop an onion, and maybe add a carrot as well. Cook these in the microwave until soft, remove and mash, but don't totally pulverise them - a bit of texture is good. Now I add some chopped mushrooms and frozen peas, and cook again. Add the pumpkin flesh you removed earlier, then mix all together, adding a bit of skim milk or substitute if it looks a bit dry. Pile into the pumpkin halves, and cook again until it is all heated thru and the pumpkin is cooked.

I usually add a sprinkle of cheese on top (of course you would try to use fat-free, but we can't get it here!!) A few mild herbs added with the mushrooms is a nice addition (eg. rosemary, thyme, something like that), but leave it out if you don't like it.

If I have some left over rice or cooked barley, that is nice too, plus just abou t any other veges you have!! I hope this makes sense - its a pretty vague recipe - I just put in what is at hand, and it usually works out fine.

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