Sayur asam

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Any kinds of vegetables that you like such as: corn; long beans ,   nuts, etc.
\N \N     2 shallots
\N \N         1/2 tsp sugar or to taste
\N \N      salt to taste
\N \N          tamarind to taste
\N \N          Langkuas; (galingale or strong, sweet ginger)

Via: Andrew Healy <a.healy@...> 1.  Boil all the cut vegetables in enough water.

        2. Grind the shallots, sugar, salt and langkuas, then add the mixture to the boiled vegetables.

                  3.  When the vegetables are cooked, add in the tamarind mixed with a  little bit of water.

                     4.  Boil some more and add more sugar, salt or tamarind to taste.

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