Salmon, zucchini and capsicum frittata

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 tablespoon Olive oil
1 \N 420 gram can baby potatoes; cut into chunks
3 \N Spring onions
2 \N Zucchinis; sliced
½ \N Red capsicum; sliced
200 grams Smoked salmon or fresh poached salmon
6 \N First Choice eggs; beaten
\N \N Salt and pepper
\N \N Lots of First Choice Salads-To-Go to
\N \N ; serve

NB: You can use canned salmon or tuna along with other ingredients, ie.

mushrooms, sweetcorn kernels, etc.

Heat the oil in a large high sided saut‚ pan.

Add the onions, zucchinis and capsicum. Saut‚ for 1 minute, then add the potatoes and salmon.

Beat the eggs well and season slightly then pour over the mixture and stir slightly.

Allow mixture to cook slowly until the eggs begin to set around the edges then grill until the frittata browns on top.

Cut into wedges and serve with the salad.

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