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Yield: 37 Servings

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5. Set the glass measuring cup in a pan with 1" of very hot water in it.

Add into the cup: Glucose <to=¾ cup in all>, Crisco & glucose. Stir w/<wooden> spoon <just barely> until Crisco is dis solved. DO NOT GET THIS MIXTURE MORE THAN WARM! 6. If adding flavor/color, do this now. 7. Pour the cup of warm ingredients into the "well" of conf.sugar. Stir w/wooden spoon until too thick.

Pour mixture out onto the cornstarch/conf.sugar, knead w/hands & incorporate as much conf.sugar from pinch the dough. It shouldn't feel sticky. 8. Roll out the dough ¼" thick.

<<<<NEVER TURN DOUGH OVER!>>>> Stop frequently & turn. Try not to get conf.sugar on the top-side. Use a RULER to measure. The dough should be large enough around for both the top & sides of cake. <Forinstance:8"cake,doughshouldmeasure14"indiameterifcakeis3"high.> Is table wide enough? 9. To drape icing on the cake: Elevate the cake on the Crisco pan.

USING <PALMS> ONLY!, pick up icing dough by sliding both hands underneath & lifting gently.

Center icing to cake & gently let it down on the cake. DON'T PLEAT! Cut off excess dough ABSOLUTELY level with bottom of c.board cake is setting on.

Gently work out the "draping," by pressing gently with fingers. DON'T STRETCH THE ICING! 10. Now, using palms of hands only, rub gently in a circular motion to smooth. <The longer you "rub", the shinier the icing will get.> *If there are any "bubbles" in the icing, burst with a pin at an angle. 11. USING ON A CAKE DUMMY FOR SHOW: Use the porous foam that mashes.

With a gumpaste roller, roll top edge to it isn't so sharp. Also mash any rough places. Fill in any holes w/royal icing. Set dummy on a cardboard the same size as the cake, glue down with royal icing.

Use piping gel for the "glue" to stick icing on. *Continued note 3.......

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