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Yield: 37 Servings

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12. TO DECORATE: Use royal icing only - on rolled f.

Use wax paper to make template patterns. All pat terns should be even & line up. I use calculator paper for making patterns for sides of cake. You can accordion-fold it & cut scallops, etc. Place pattern against cake & mark with sharp object. Modes of decoration for Rolled Fondant cakes include: ~Lace pieces <trace patter w/#00 tip> ~RIBBON INSERTION <pieces of ribbon inserted to appear to be lacing in & out of cake.> ~"CURTAINS" #00 tip <w/smaller tip, less line break!> First, build out "bridge" of scallops at base by over- piping #13, then #4,3,& 2. To pipe curtains; start at top <on your marked pattern,> drape to bottom & slightly under edge of icing "bridge." Curtains should be close <no wider than width of icing drape between.> Finish w/#1 tiny "bubble" at top & base of curtains. ~CRIMPERS: use fancy crimpers to press fancy patterns into icing. ~EMBROIDERY: DONE W/#0 to #1 tips. Its like figure- piping. Draw tiny stems/leaves/flowers onto the cake.

Easy - can wipe off any mistakes. ~LEATHER TOOLS/OTHER PRESSES: Use these to press pat terns into cake. Hearts, flowers & many other patterns are available. Tandy leather tools avail. at leather shops. ~DO IMMEDIATELY: ribbon insertion, pattern pressing & crimping. ~When using GRAYSLAKE gelatin, increase gelatin to 1½ tb. ~If ingred. get to hot, it may take more confect. sugar ~If gel or filling gets on icing, use a bit of corn starch/confect.sugar mixture to rub off the shine. ~Too cold a room can cool icing off too quickly. NO AIR SHOULD EVER BLOW DIRECTLY ON THE ICING.

~LEFTOVER ICING: Can be rolled out & cut with cookie cutters, etc., dry & use on other cakes. *We use a "bib" cutter to make bibs, also booties, hearts, stand-up characters, all sorts of things. ~Keeps indefinitely sealed & refrigerated. ~Use for candy center; add flavors/color/nuts, etc..Can add butter to thin. Dip in dipping chocolate. ~Make candy "rocks": marble-color & shape. *Continued note 4......

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