Rngrovr's vegetarian roulade

Yield: 1 Servings

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\N \N Vegetarian roulade

Slice eggplants about ¼ " thick About 4 will do Lightly salt to remove excess water Slice about 8 Zucchini about ¼" thick Lightly salt to remove etc... Rinse all off and preheat grill Lightly dip in olive oil and remove excess. Mark (make an X) on one side of eggplant and zucchini. Layer on sheetpan overlapping each other eggplant down first to form bottom layer.

Completely cover bottom. Layer zucchini the same way to completely cover the eggplant. Lay two rows of roasted red pepper (mancini ok) down center of zucchini. Pile on top of peppers, Thick pesto sauce (recipe follows).

Roll up the whole thing like so. Start at one side(long side). And roll completly over to form effect similar to pinwheel. Wrap tightly in Plastic wrap ant tie off ends to keep shape. Refrigerate for 4-8 hrs. Make tomato coulis. Crushed toms, balsamic vinegar s+p and chopped garlic. Bring to a boil and reduce by half. Strain into another bowl/pot. Let sit to remove all liquid. Press some of tomatoe through the strainer. Chill. Roast garlic cloves in olive oil in oven until gbd (golden brown and delicious) Chiffonade greenleaf lettuce and make pile of it down the center of your plate. Slice roulade into ½ to ¾" slices remove plastic. Layer off-set onto chiffonade of lettuce. Pour coulis onto both sides of the lettuce.

Place three roasted garlic cloves on sauce on one side and three caperberries on the other. Sprinkle top with parm and serve. - Finis Thick Pesto for Vegetarian Roulade: 6 bunches basil no stems (i.e. picked) Puree' with approx. 1 and ¼ to 1 and ½ # Pignoli nouts Add to the moving blender, Approx. ¼ cp olive oil (the more virgin the better) (making emulsion...sort of). Also add Freshly ground white pepper to taste Add approx. ½-1 cps (depending on your taste) Dijion Mustard (any kind, Pommery is best) Add Approx. ½ to 1 # of grated parmesan cheese. Thickens right up from there and sets up perfectly for the roulade shape. Fridge times will vary depending on the size of your fridge.

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