Preserved goose

Yield: 1 bird

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Large goose
\N \N Salt
\N \N Quatre epices OR
\N \N Allspice OR
\N \N Chinese 5-spice powder
\N \N Ground thyme
\N \N Ground bay leaves

Cut the goose into serving pieces, saving the fat. Rub the pieces with salt and seasonings. Pack them in a big deep dish and cover with more salt. Leave in a cool place or the fridge for 24 hr.

Render the fat in a big kettle. Escoffier says that if your goose is a good one, you should expect at least 3 lb 6 oz of fat from it! Next day, rinse and dry the goose pieces. Melt the rendered fat and drop the pieces in. They should be completely covered with fat. Cook over low heat 2½ to 3 hr.

Pack the goose pieces in a sterilized crock and pour the fat over.

The fat should cover the pieces. Let the fat solidify and then pour over all 2 c of melted lard. When this is set, cover crock with a piece of butcher paper and tie it down or else put the lid of the crock on.

This will keep a long time - it's best after at least a week. If you refrigerate it, or if you're using it within a day or two, you don't have to go through the melted lard and butcher paper routine. BTW, the lard is discarded, but the goose fat is kept for sauteing and other uses.

From: Michael Loo

Submitted By JIM WELLER On 09-04-95

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