Pizza dough~ silver palate

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pack Yeast, active dry lukewarm water (110ΓΈ)
2⅓ cup Flour, unbleached
¾ cup Cake flour
⅓ teaspoon Pepper
1 teaspoon Salt
2 tablespoons Olive oil

In a small bowl, dissolve yeast in ½ cup of the lukewarm water and let stand 10 minutes.

In a mixing bowl, mix flours, freshly ground black pepper and salt together.

Add the dissolved yeast to the dry ingredients with olive oil and ½ cup of remaining water. Mix with a wooden spoon to form a dough, adding a little more water if needed.

Remove dough from the bowl to a floured pastry board. Knead for 8 to 10 minutes, or until dough is smooth and pliable. Flour board lightly whenever dough begins to stick.

Wash and dry mixing bowl, and rub it with olive oil. Place dough in the bowl and turn it over to coat it thoroughly. Cover dough with plastic wrap and place in a warm place (75ø-80øF.) for 2 hours, until doubled in bulk.

When dough has doubled in bulk, punch it down and knead for 15 seconds. Let it rest under a towel for 10 minutes before proceeding with recipe.

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