Parve lasagna kp

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Chopped onion
\N \N Cloves of garlic
\N \N Sliced zucchini
\N \N Sliced carrots
\N \N Tin of tomatoes
\N \N Sliced mushrooms
\N \N Basil, oregano, and a bay leaf
\N \N Lasagne verdi

Source: «Hazel Sydeserff»

Yield: I haven't added any weights as it depends how much you want to make in one go.

Mix everything but the lasagne in a pan and fry it. Then layer it in a dish with sheets of lasagne and top the whole thing with white sauce.

You can always use soya mince if you need a meat substitute - Real Foods do nice stuff. Buy the darkest stuff, though, as the lighter brown stuff never looks cooked and is a bit nauseating.

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