Oklahoma joe's world brisket champion

Yield: 12 servings

Measure Ingredient
8 pounds Beef brisket; trimmed
4 ounces Lemon pepper
2 ounces Seasoned salt
1 cup Red wine vinegar
1 cup Soy sauce
1 cup Worcestershire sauce
1 quart Water



Trim all excess external fat from the brisket. You must also remove the excess hard internal fat from brisket, but do not separate the flat from the point. Apply the dry rub seasonings and rub in thoroughly. Prepare smoker for the indirect heat method or according to manufacturers instructions, place brisket on the grid at 275-300 degrees for 3 hours, turning meat over every hour.

While brisket is cooking, mix Worcestershire sauce, Red wine vinegar, Soy sauce and water in aluminum steam pan. Pre-heat mixture on stovetop or in horizontal chamber next to the firebox. After the brisket has cooked on the grid for 3 hours, place brisket in foil pan containing the liquid seasoning. Cover pan with foil. Place pan back in the smoker and simmer in the pan for an additional 3 hours. Remove pan from smoker and lift brisket from the liquid. Let cool until it can be handled without burning your hands. Slice into 3/16-inch thick slices across the grain. Pour liquid au jus from the pan over brisket slices and serve.

Recipe by: Joe Davidson

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