Nichols plant day lavender ice cream

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pint Vanilla ice cream; high quality w/real vanilla
1 tablespoon Candied ginger; fine chopped
1 drop Nichols Northwest Lavender Oil (or use alternate)
2 tablespoons Fresh lavender blossoms
2 tablespoons Sugar
½ cup Whipping cream


"We serve lavender ice cream every Plant Day to appreciative oohs and ahs. We only recommend Nichols Northwest lavender oil, for we know it to be of the highest purity. This novel easy dessert provides merry entertainment as friends guess the flavor." Mince ginger; if it is hard to handle, sprinkle with a little sugar.

Place slightly softened ice cream in the chilled bowl of a heavy duty mixer or food processor with ginger and a single drop of lavender oil. Mix until flavors are blended, taste and add an additional drop if you want a more intense flavor. Place ice cream in covered container and refreeze for at least one hour before serving.

ALTERNATIVE TO LAVENDER OIL: Add fresh lavender blossoms and sugar to whipping cream. In a small saucepan slowly heat, not to boiling, but hot to the touch. Remove from heat and allow to steep and cool for 15 minutes. Strain and chill and add to ice cream as described above.

Source: Basic Herb Cookery by Rose Marie Nichols McGee and N.P.

Nichols, of the Nichols Garden Nursery. Northwest Lavender Oil is available from them for $6½/ half ounce. Nichols Garden Nursery, 1190 N. Pacific Highway NE, Albany, Oregon 97321-4580 (541-928-9280).

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