Mussel fritters with salsa

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
8 Greenshell mussels; out of the shell
6 larges Eggs; lightly beaten
50 millilitres Double cream
10 millilitres Nam pla fish paste
2 tablespoons Polenta
50 grams Spring onions; sliced
400 grams Kumera; boiled then peeled
; and diced
½ Red and 1/2 green chilli; seeded and chopped
1 small Red onion; peeled and sliced
20 millilitres Fresh lime juice
2 Nashi; core removed and
; diced
30 millilitres Extra virgin olive oil


Cut the mussels into quarters then mix them in a bowl with the eggs, cream, nam pla, polenta and half the spring onion. Lastly mix in the kumera.

Mix together all the other ingredients to make the salsa, including the remaining spring onions, and leave to stand for 30 minutes.

Heat a pan and brush with oil, then make either 4 large or 8 small fritters. Cook to golden brown on one side then turn and cook the other side.

Serve with the salsa on top, with a dollop of creme fraiche.

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