Meat samosas

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 tablespoons Sunflower or soya oil
1 teaspoon Cumin seeds
½ \N Crushed dried chillies
1 large Onion; finely chopped
2 \N Green chillies; seeded and chopped
2 teaspoons Garlic paste
1 tablespoon Ginger paste
1 tablespoon Ground cumin
1 tablespoon Ground coriander
½ teaspoon Ground turmeric
2 ounces Natural yoghurt
8 ounces Lean minced beef or lamb
1 tablespoon Paprika
4 \N Floz warm water
4 ounces Fresh pre-cooked peas or frozen peas
1 teaspoon Garam masala
1 ounce Unsweetened desiccated coconut
3 tablespoons Chopped coriander leaves
18 \N Sheets filo pastry 11inches x 7 1/2inches
2 ounces Melted butter for brushing the pastry
\N \N ; sheets

Heat the oil over a medium heat and add the cumin seeds, let them sizzle for 10-15 seconds and add the crushed dried chillies, followed by the onions. Stir fry the onions until lightly browned (6-8 minutes). Add the green chillies, ginger and garlic, fry for 30 seconds and add the spices.

Fry for a further 30 seconds.

Reduce the heat to low and stir in the yoghurt, cook for a minute or so and add the mince and paprika. Increase the heat to high and fry the mince until slightly browned (3-4 minutes). Add the water, reduce the heat to low cover and cook for 15 minutes.

Add the peas and cook uncovered for 15 minutes. Add the coconut, garam masala and coriander leaves. Stir and cook until coconut has absorbed any remaining liquid. Remove from the heat and cool completely. Preheat the oven to 180C and line a baking sheet with greaseproof paper or baking parchment.

Place a sheet of filo pastry on a board and brush well with butter. Keep the remaining pastry sheets covered with a moist cloth or cling film. Fold the buttered pastry sheets in half lengthways, brush with butter again and fold lengthways.

Place about 1tbsp of the meat filling at the bottom right hand corner of the pastry sheet and fold over to form a triangle. Continue to fold to the top of the sheet and moisten the ends to seal the edges. Place on the prepared baking sheet and brush with some melted butter. Make the rest of the samosas the same way and bake just below the top rung of the oven for 20 minutes.

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