Lori's ratatouille

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 mediums Onions -- sliced
2 Garlic clove minced
¼ cup Cooking oil
2 smalls Zucchinis -- in 1/2" slices
3 mediums Tomatoes -- diced
1 small Eggplant, peeled -- cut in
1 " cubes
1 large Green pepper -- cut in
2 tablespoons Chopped fresh parsley
2 teaspoons Salt
½ teaspoon Basil leaves -- dried
(try fresh if you have it!)
⅛ teaspoon Pepper
(we use the hot stuff!)

Saute onions and garlic in hot oil in heavy skillet, but do not brown. Add remaining ingredients. Cover and cook 15 minutes. Uncover and cook another 40 minutes until vegetables are tender and juice is thickened. I have made this countless times and the thing about it, is you can vary it according to whatever is in the garden. Experiment with it. I have even found that okra is a great addition. If you don't have zucchini, try the yellow squash, or a mixture of the two works great! Enjoy and have fun! (But never leave out the basil!) Lori Recipe By : Habanero99

From: Date: 05/27 File

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