Lemon fennel olives

Yield: 1 batch

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Green olives; drained and rinsed
\N \N 1-2 lemons; washed, sliced into quarters
\N \N Few strips of bulb fennel
3 \N Peeled garlic cloves; sliced to 4
1 tablespoon Green or black peppercorns
\N \N Olive oil to cover

Put a layer of olives in the bottom of a glass jar, add a slice of lemon, a strip of fennel, slices of garlic and a few peppercorns.

keep on layering the olives and the other ingredients until the jar is filled. Cover with olive oil and store in a cool place.

Note: The authors say that the oil can be used for salads or cooking and that the olives and oil can be replaced as they are used.

from Edible Gifts by Claire Clifton and Martina Nicolls typed by Tiffany Hall-Graham

Submitted By TIFFANY HALL-GRAHAM On 02-19-95

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