Hare, rabbit, veal or chicken stew with herbs

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 ounces Butter
3 pounds (depending on the amount of
\N \N Bone) of hare or rabbit
\N \N Joints, stewing veal or
\N \N Chicken joints
1 pounds Washed & trimmed leeks,
\N \N Thickly sliced
4 \N Cloves garlic, chopped
\N \N Finely
6 ounces Pot barley
3¾ cup Water
3 \N Generous Tbls. red or white
\N \N Wine vinegar
2 \N Bay leaves, salt, pepper
15 \N Fresh, roughly chopped sage
\N \N Leaves, or 1 Tbls. dried
\N \N Sage

Melt the butter in a heavy pan & fry the meat with the leeks & garlic till the vegetables are slightly softened & the meat lightly browned.

Add the barley, water, vinegar, bay leaves & seasoning. bring the pot to the boil, cover it & simmer gently for 1 - 1½ hours or till the meat is really tender & ready to fall from the bone. Add the sage & continue to cook for several minutes. Adjust the seasoning to taste & serve in bowls- the barley will serve as a vegetable.


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