Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 kilograms Hazelnut praline paste
375 grams Sugar
750 grams Butter
1 kilograms Chocolate
1 \N Litre cream
12 grams Gelatine
20 \N Eggs
80 grams Coffee (ready made)
50 millilitres Rum

NO. 1

NO. 2

Giuliano Gasali of the Grand Formosa Regent Hotel Taipei.

No. 1. Cream together until light.

No. 2. Melt chocolate, add melted gelatine, eggs, coffee and rum.

Lastly fold in soft whipped cream.

Spread No⅒ about 5 mm thick in a mould, top with No⅕. Refrigerate till set.

Source: Given to share with the express permission of Chef de Cuisine

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