Fried kibbeh - km

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
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Source: My recipe

Prepare a recipe of basic kibbeh and one of stuffing as described in Kibbeh bi Sanieh. Form kibbeh into balls the size of a walnut. Smooth the meat ball with fingers dipped in cold water. With the thumb, form a hole in the meatball and work it with your index finger till it gets thin but dont break, you really have to see it done, its not easy the first time. But , with a grinder and a GOURMET. MATIC, amazing food shaper, its a peace of cake! Fill it with a full teaspoon of the meat stuffing, push meat into place, closing the opening with the help of water, and pat the meatball into a pear shape. Fry in hot fat. Serve with tahine.

The GOURMET.MATIC food shaper is an old thing made by GOGLANIAN ENTERPRISES at 1583 Monrovia Ave. Newport Beach. CA 92660 Product No. 3570 Posted to JEWISH-FOOD digest V97 #028 by Daniella De Picciotto <daniela@...> on Jan 23, 1997.

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