Fresh crab and vegetable soup

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Finely chopped courgette
\N \N Olive oil for frying
30 grams Finely chopped fennel; (1oz)
3 \N Finely chopped onions
3 \N Finely chopped leeks
5 \N Bay leaves
½ \N Finely chopped potatoes in cubes
30 grams Sweetcorn; (1oz)
2 \N Finely chopped garlic cloves
40 grams Green beans; (1 1/2oz)
50 grams Peas; (2oz)
3 \N Stalks fresh basil
100 grams Baby spinach; (3 3/4oz)
225 grams Fresh crab meat; (8oz)
2 \N Fish stock cubes
2 litres Water
½ \N Squeezed lemon
5 tablespoons Fresh finely chopped parsley

Pour oil into a pan and add garlic, onions, courgettes, fennel, leeks, sweetcorn and bay leaves.

Lightly fry for 5 minutes.

Make a fish stock liquid with the cube and the water.

Add fish stock to the pan to cover vegetables and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Add the lenom juice and parsley and seve.

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